Atraxia – Up Here

-Winner: Best Music Video – Sci-On Film Festival 2016
-Official Selection: Ozark Shorts
-Official Selection: Drunken Film Fest 2016
-Official Selection: Y’allywood Film Festival 2016
-Official Selection: East Coast Film Festival 2016

Our lonely hero leaves his home on Earth for a surreal journey through space. What awaits at his destination?

About the Production:
“Up Here” is a live action and stop-motion music video for Atraxia. Live-action sequences were shot in two days with an awesome cast and crew of volunteers. The animated sequences in this film were constructed by shooting multiple stop-motion scenes against a greenscreen and layering them over a digital background.  A simple homemade rostrum stand and DSLR were used to shoot the images. Illustrations for the astronaut and dinosaur characters were created by Dan Fowler. In addition to co-directing with Trey Morrow, my responsibilities included cinematography, editing, animation, and visual effects.

Starring: Chris Paul Smith, Hayden Bishop, Van Morrow
Music by Matt Cox & Trey Morrow
©2015 Atraxia

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